Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review: Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris

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  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Ace Trade (March 2, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • Rating:
Cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse is on a streak of real bad luck. First, her co-worker gets murdered and no one seems to care. Then Sookie is attacked - and poisoned - late one night by some weird and apparently mythical beast. She only survives because the local vampires roll up and graciously suck the poison from her veins (like they didn't enjoy it). But in return the blood-suckers need a favor. 

Which is why Sookie ends up in Dallas, using her telepathic skills to search for a missing vampire, on the condition that her undead friends don't do anything, well, vampiric while she's there. Easier said than done. All it takes is one delicious blonde and one small mistake for things to turn deadly...

Living Dead in Dallas was a really fun easy read! Once again our beloved Sookie Stackhouse is back for another mystery. Unlike Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas opens up on a down note. Poor Lafayette (the short order cook at Merlottes) has been murdered. Everyone in the small town of Bon Temps knew Lafayette lived an "extreme" lifestyle (being the only very proud openly, gay, African American resident of Bon Temps). But no one would ever have wished him dead... or maybe they did? Poor Sookie is upset that no one seems to be concerned about who killed Lafayette so she makes it one of her personal priorities to bring some peace to her deceased friend.

As always things never run as smoothly as she hopes and before she knows it she has a run in with a "creature" in the woods who informs her that she has a message for the Area 5 Sheriff. The message is none to pretty and almost kills Sookie.

Before Sookie even has time to fully heal she's summoned to Fangtasia (the local vampire bar in Shreveport) to do the bidding of the Area 5 Sheriff, Eric Northman. Who in the book is described as a tall viking sex god lol and of course this isn't the first time Sookie has had to "help" Mr. Northman and the vampires out. Especially now that she's dating Vampire Bill. She pretty much has to do as Eric bids because Eric is above Bill and Sookie "belongs" to Bill so she's viewed as a possession of the vampire community. Sounds pretty shady huh? Well it's vampire politics! lol Something humans would never fully understand and neither will the reader but you learn to over look it haha. Eventually Sookie ends up in Dallas looking for a missing vampire and has a run in with an anti-vampire cult aptly named The Fellowship of the Sun.

After a few bang ups and one vampire burning to a crisp Miss Stackhouse finally makes it back home to Bon Temps only to find that she's been invited to an exclusive party that just happened to be one of the last places Lafayette had visited. Will Sookie find out what happened to Lafayette? Or even have a hot make out scene with the Viking God himself? I'm not telling!!! haha Charlaine doesn't disappoint with this follow up to "Dead Until Dark"! This is definitely one of my all time favorite series!