Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Richelle Mead:

You rock my socks.


I'm not sure how I missed this interview but it is full of  awesomeness!

Esp this gem right here:

"I wouldn’t want to extend it, beat it into the ground for the sake of sales or popularity. I wanted to end it on a high note. I’d rather have people wishing the series would’ve gone on than to say ‘Oh my god, why didn’t they kill it sooner?’"

Amen to that!
 Richelle gets it.
 She knows how to get her point across in a decent amount of books and then end the series so everyone can move forward.

Even though I hate that Rose's story is pretty much finished. I totally agree with Richelle about enjoying the fact that I "want" to read more. Instead of gripping about why she hasn't ended the series already. (lol) 

Also there's this bit of info that had me go into a fan girl moment:

Q: You announced recently that you intend to write a spin-off series from Vampire Academy. Can you tell me anything about that?
A: It’s going to be called Bloodlines. It’s set in the same universe so we’ve got all the same world buildings, same rules, same everything…In some ways the series isn’t even ending because we’re still there and Rose will have cameos.

Adrian has to be in this series.
Please, please, oh please let him be!
And if you must couple him up with someone please please please let it be someone other than Jill. I don't think I could stomach a Jill/Adrian hook up. Ugh. I'm still stuck on the fact he isn't with Rose...but I'll save that for when I actually get around to doing my review of Last Sacrifice.
Also there are a few different interviews/articles up on MTV's website that I've been reading occasionally...I really love the fact that Richelle is so down to earth! I'd love to meet her someday!
Well peeps. That's all I have for today! Tomorrow I'll have two reviews to post so I'm going to get started on it just me or has this week taken forever to end!? I feel like things are moving in slow motion around here! lol