Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Upcoming Author Interview with Ednah Walters

Most of you have heard by now but I still wanted to put it out there that Hook Bookers is going to be having our very first AUTHOR/CHARACTER INTERVIEW with Ednah Walters on her debut novel "Awakened".

Raise your hand if you're excited!

Can a get a "WOO" from the "WOO GIRLS!" (<= click the link to youtube & you will see where I get this from haha)

Right now I'm just waiting on my copy of  "Awakened" to come through the mail. Barnes and Noble decided it would be funny to send it to me by itself...three days later than the rest of my books....so no "Woo" for you Barnes and Noble...

Anyways, I plan on speed reading it so I can get the question to Ednah ASAP and hopefully have the interview/giveaway sometime next week.

So keep a look out for us on Twitter, our Facebook page, and here so you can learn more about the first novel in The Guardian Legacy Series: "Awakened" and have a chance to win some cool swag! 

Just for shiggles "Woooo" lol