Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Tunes (Dec. 14th)

Ok this week I've not only bailed on City of Bones for a spell. I've actually cheated on it with Last Sacrifice 


I love love love this book!

Can't say it enough!

Although, a lot of people dislike it for the same reason I'm enthralled by it...number one being there's tons of humor in all of the wrong places...but hey I guess I'm morbid b/c I actually prefer it that way!

Of course the big pink elephant in the room is:

Who will Rose choose?

Adrian (oh yeah that's my pick) or Dimitri (well I'd take him too!)

So for Tuesday Tunes my pick is going to be:

Near To You- A Fine Frenzy

Isn't that a beautiful song! I love it! 
I think it's very fitting for Rose/Adrian with a hint of Dimitri?
Don't cha think?

This part screams Rose to me:

"Near to you, I am healing
But it's taking so long
'Cause though he's gone
And you are wonderful
It's hard to move on
Yet, I'm better near to you."

Happy Tuesday Peeps!