Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How did I miss THIS!

I'm not sure how or why I missed this but check out the cover for the newest Sookie Stackhouse novel

Dead Reckoning


You can read the first chapter HERE

Having to wait a year between each book is pure torture! haha 
I love love love this series and Charlaine Harris is on of my all time favorite authors! I remember begging my husband to let me buy the book set with books 1-7. Of course, being the awesome person he is, he did. But he also told me that I needed to pace myself and not read them all at once. I read a book a day LOL and then he was kind enough to buy me the eighth book soon after. So I've faithfully been waiting for each new book and on the day they come out I run to wally world, grab it off the shelf, and drool all over it while people give me strange looks...I think most of that has to do with me repeating "my precious" over and over again =P. I then proceed to race back home, give the hubs child duty, and read the entire book in one night!

I can't say it enough! I LOVE SOOKIE STACKHOUSE! Heck, I even love True Blood! Esp the way Bill says Sookie...haha "Sookeh". Ah! It kills me! So you can only imagine how excited I am about getting my little hands on this book!

I think I'm going to wait until my brain calms down before I even begin to start thinking (much less typing out) what the this book is going to be about! I don't think I ever recall seeing Sookie by herself on a cover so that makes my brain go off into a frenzy about where the heck is ERIC!

You can find out more information about Miss Stackhouse and her creator, Charlaine Harris, at

Now, I'm off to try and pack. I hate traveling over the holidays, but I guess it's worth it since we're going to be spending time with our families this weekend! Tomorrow is going to prob be our last post for the year (yikes!) and I wanted to do a Review Vlog of Last Sacrifice but that just might have to wait until next year as well!

Yay for Chizzmas!